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COMMENTARY: Go hard or go home

By Chaplian (Capt.) Meade Adams 2nd Bomb Wing Chapel


For any sports enthusiasts out there (don’t worry this isn’t going to be a sports column) you are aware of the storied debate about who is the greatest: Michael Jordan or Lebron James. For many it is a generational question. Those who saw Jordan play in his prime have a hard time admitting anyone will ever usurp his throne. The debate comes down to this issue: Lebron doesn’t seem to love winning the way Jordan did. Jordan had a killer-instinct; a killer mentality. Lebron throughout his career has, at times, not appeared to be all there.

We spend much of our lives vacillating between one thing and another and not committing to anything. What is there in our lives that we are doing half-heartedly? Are we parenting half-heartedly? Not really present and there for our kids? Are we in half-hearted marriages, where nobody is putting 110%? Are we doing half-hearted work, not really giving all we have to the job when we’re there? The admonition is to, go hard or go home, as the kids say. This is to say to give it all you got. Put everything you have into whatever you’re doing. That wise ancient sage, Master Yoda reprimands Luke Skywalker for never being focused “where he was, on what he was doing”. Life is not for the half-hearted. Sure, you can go through life half-heartedly, but you won’t enjoy it. Commit this week to giving it all you have and see the difference.