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Bossier Schools to Offer Barskdale Families School of choice

Barksdale Air Force Base, La. --

Barksdale Air Force Base is pleased to announce that school of choice for Barksdale resident students of all grade levels will become a reality in the 2017-18 academic year.


School of choice empowers Barksdale residents to have more options when deciding which type of education best fits the needs of their children by enabling them to make the best possible choice.


“On behalf of the men and women of Team Barksdale, thank you to Bossier Schools for being the education champion for our children,” said Col. Ty Neuman, 2nd Bomb Wing commander. “The support and education of our families is critical to our mission success, and we cannot provide that support without Bossier Schools and the greater Bossier/Shreveport community.”


This paves the way for military families living on Barksdale to choose the school they wish for their children to attend, beginning in the 2017-18 year. Bossier Schools already grants dependents living on base high school of choice. By choosing to extend school of choice at all grade levels, the district continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to the military children and their families that are a part of the Bossier Schools family.


“Bossier Schools has long worked side by side with Barksdale to identify and remedy hardships facing our military families,” said Bossier Schools Superintendent Scott Smith. “Not having the option of where they want to live and the choice of which schools their children attend is one of those challenges. It gives us great satisfaction to be able to extend this opportunity to the men and women who serve.”


Information about the application process for school of choice will be forthcoming. Bossier Schools will be able to further assist military families and answer questions at Barksdale’s Back to School Night being held July 24 at the Barksdale Buff Event Center beginning at 4 p.m.


More information about the school of choice program can be found at our website by clicking the School of Choice menu item in the Barksdsale School Information column.


Media interested in learning more about Barksdale and the community’s joint efforts should contact 2 BW/PA at (318) 456-1015 or


Frequently Asked Questions





This information will update frequently in the coming weeks as additional information becomes available. Please check back for updates no later than July 24. There will be a Back-to-School event at the BUFF Event Center at 4 p.m. July 24. At this event Bossier Schools representatives will attend to help parents navigate the school-of-choice process for the coming school year.



What is school of choice?

-Barksdale on-base residents with school age children now have the option to send their child to any school in Bossier Parish up to the school's functional capacity.



How does school of choice work?

-Barksdale residents must fill out the appropriate school district paperwork and provide proof of residency to Bossier Parish Schools. Then parents will be able to register with the school of their choice up to the school's functional capacity.



Will transportation be provided to school-of-choice students?

-At this time, parents will need to provide transportation if choosing a school other than their designated zoned school. Base leadership is currently looking at supplemental transportation options. Check back on no later than 24 July for updates.



Does this effect this 2017-2018 academic year?

-Yes. Parents will be able to move their students to a school of choice beginning as early as 24 July.



What are the limitations on school of choice?

-Parents may choose any school up to the school's functional capacity. Schools will be available on a first come, first served basis. However, no Bossier schools are at functional capacity at this time.

-Additionally, Haughton Middle School is about to open with a ribbon-cutting ceremony 24 July. This is a chance for base residents to tour the new facility.



When will registration open for school of choice?

-Registration will open at the Barksdale Back-to-School night at the BUFF Event Center 24 July at 4 p.m.



Where do I register?

-Parents can either register at the Back-to-School event at the BUFF Event Center 24 July at 4 p.m. or at the school district central registration office.



Does this apply to retired members with families who live on base?

-Details regarding specific eligibility other than for active duty is still forthcoming. Check back here for an answer no later than 24 July at 4 p.m.



If I move here after the school year has started, will my children still get school of choice?

-Yes. As of now, there is no registration deadline for school of choice.



Can I move my student to another school if I don't like my school of choice?

-Once a school of choice is requested, parents only have the ability to transfer students back to their originally designated zoned school. Parents cannot repeatedly invoke school of choice in the same year.



Can I change my student's school of choice to another between academic years?

-Check back for information regarding choosing different schools between academic years.



What does school of choice mean for my high school athlete?

-Louisiana High School Athletics Association rules may cause student athletes to be "red-shirted" after transferring to a school of choice.