Looking for something to do this weekend? New to base and hoping to meet some new friends? The BUFF Clubs aims to connect you with the rest of Barksdale through clubs, teams, and other groups not related to professional or private organizations. Contact a POC and get out there.



We are allowing the owners of Buff Clubs to post to a Facebook Group. If you are creating a club, join the group and introduce yourself. Ensure to add post topics that matches the name of your club.

If you are an owner of a club, invite your members to this page and then archive your previous group/page. The reason for this merge is to have all the clubs in one group to keep traffic flowing from the Official Barksdale Air Force Base page. This merge also meets the 2nd BW PA AFI requirements.

If you have any questions, send us, Barksdale Air Force Base, a Facebook message. We will be watching for post qualities and to moderate posts for language. Feel free to get started.



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