- Clubs will be maintained by the hosts and mentors.

- Mentors are responsible for leading, guiding, and instructing club members who are new or wanting to learn what the club supports or offers.

- Hosts are responsible for coordinating events and meetings between the club members and mentors.

- The clubs may use closed Facebook groups for communicating and coordinating events among themselves.

- Mentors and hosts are responsible for the upkeep, as admins, of the club’s Facebook groups and must work the Facebook page through the Barksdale Public site.

- The Facebook group will use a single email account through Gmail.

- Emails will be created as: BUFF<insertclubname> It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the passwords should be the same for both the Facebook and Gmail accounts.

- Facebook will require a cell phone number to be provided in order to create the page. The cell phone number must be a number belonging to a host or mentor and can be changed at any time.

- If only one mentor or host has access to the account and is stepping down from the position, they must find a replacement in order to keep the club going.

- If a club does not have a mentor or host, they have until the end of the next full quarter to find a new mentor or host or the club will be temporarily terminated until one is found. Clubs will receive an official notice on the club’s Facebook group of the pending closure.

- The Facebook group and Public Site will list a brief explanation of the club and its POCs.

- The Facebook group will be a closed group but should be open to all members, civilians, and dependents of the Barksdale AFB community. No one shall be denied access to the club if they are affiliated with Barksdale AFB in any capacity.

- Once the Facebook group is created, send an email with the clubs name, link, Gmail username and password, a brief explanation of the club, and the category you would like your club to show up under to the following:

- Off base organizations may support a club of their choice but they cannot be asked by a club for official support.

- Clubs cannot force dues on its members, however, they can be sponsored and members must pay for any equipment, services, or location they will use. (I.e. Uniforms, Outdoor Rec/MWR equipment, trips, etc.)

- Clubs cannot fund raise as an official function and will not maintain funds.

- A club may become a private organization, however, the club itself will stay intact as its members become a private organization. Once a private organization is established, they cannot affiliate themselves as a club and will abide by the rules of being a private organization.


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