How to get vaccinated

​When practical, refrain from going inside off-base restaurants, stores or businesses and instead, use drive-thru, curbside pick-up and home delivery options.

Practice physical distancing of 6 feet when you leave home.

Wear a face covering whenever in public if unable to maintain 6 feet physical distancing and when directed as a requirement for entry into a facility on and off the installation.

Remain ready at all times to put on a face covering if and when the need arises.

Practice good hygiene, wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer when washing hands isn't an option, clean high-touch surfaces and high traffic areas frequently, avoid touching your face, sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.

Why masks lower COVID-19 deaths

Masks aid in decreasing COVID-19's virility by three pathways decreasing virus spread by infected individuals.

  • The mask traps virus particles on the inside, preventing the virus particles from becoming airborne. Protect others.
  • Decreasing new infections by uninfected individuals. A medical mask prevents airborne virus particles being inhaled from the outside. (Neck Gaiters and other currently used non-medical devices allow the trapping, incubation, flow and inhaling of virus particles).
  • Limiting hand to face contact. The mask puts a physical barrier between potentially contaminated hands and passages to one's lungs.


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Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) Office

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office will be minimally manned until further notice.  FOIA managers will be teleworking and will continue to process your request to the best of their capability; however, we expect delays in response times.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  We will notify you once the office is back to normal operations.