​When practical, refrain from going inside off-base restaurants, stores or businesses and instead, use drive-thru, curbside pick-up and home delivery options.

Practice physical distancing of 6 feet when you leave home

Wear a face covering whenever in public if unable to maintain 6 feet physical distancing and when directed as a requirement for entry into a facility on and off the installation

Remain ready at all times to put on a face covering if and when the need arises

Practice good hygiene, wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer when washing hands isn't an option, clean high-touch surfaces and high traffic areas frequently, avoid touching your face, sneeze into a tissue or your elbow

 For additional information refer to the FAQ's below. 


West Gate is at 24/7 operations.

North Gate will be open Monday through Saturday 5:45 a.m. - 6 p.m.

To reduce contact between individuals entering Barksdale, the following gate procedures must be followed for base entry. When approaching the gate, hold onto your ID card with the back barcode visible to the Security Forces member. The Defender will scan your card and allow you to enter the installation.

Your safety is extremely important and this process will minimize the spread of germs between individuals while still enabling the Defender to maintain a non-diminished security posture. If your government issued ID card does not have a barcode, ensure the entire face of the card is visible to the Defender to include the photo on the ID and expiration date.

In short, follow all directions provided by the Defender. For additional information, refer to the AF Connect app for the 2nd Bomb Wing.


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Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) Office

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office will be minimally manned until further notice.  FOIA managers will be teleworking and will continue to process your request to the best of their capability; however, we expect delays in response times.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  We will notify you once the office is back to normal operations.

DoD COVID-19 Travel

DoD COVID-19 Task Force has developed a website, the 'DoD COVID-19 Travel Information Application' (accessible to DoD members with a CAC) that provides information related to the current COVID-19 pandemic to enable a more informed, educated force.  There are four applications within the website that provide visibility of current HPCON and installation statuses around the globe.  Link: (recommend Google Chrome).  The four applications are described below:

- Travel Scenarios: Location search to compare conditions between origin and destination.  Refresh rate is weekly.

- HPCON Status: A map view of all DoD installations and their current HPCON status.  Refresh rate is weekly.

- Installation Decision Support: View information about County and Military Health System (MHS) facility conditions impacting Installation HPCON status and SECDEF Gating Criteria.  Refresh rate is daily.

-  COVID-19 Case Heat map: A map view of COVID-19 cases at a global and CONUS county level.  Refresh rate is daily.

The data presented in this DoD COVID-19 Travel Information application comes from the COVID-19 Task Force Common Operating Picture within the ADVANA platform.  



  • Barksdale

    • Barksdale AFB Website
    • Air Force Connect App > 2nd Bomb Wing > COVID-19 Info
    • 2nd MDG Appointment Line: 318-456-6555

Message about the Coronavirus:

  • Force health protection is our top priority, and we will continue to ensure that Air Force personnel have the most up-to date information on appropriate measures to prevent potential spread of the virus
  • We are taking proactive steps to encourage all Department of Air Force personnel to follow Force Health Protection and CDC guidance to avoid contracting or spreading respiratory illnesses like the flu or COVID-19.
  • We have contingency plans in place and are taking steps to educate and safeguard our military and civilian personnel family members and base communities in preventing widespread outbreak.
  • We continue to work closely with our interagency partners to strengthen global detection and response to COVID-19. Air Force health care and research professionals are equipped with first-rate training, equipment and technology.