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Dec. 7, 2011

Clear to land

The Air Force has thousands of planes around the world that require an airfield in order to take off and land. It's essential the airfield be safe and well maintained at all times in case aircraft must launch at a moment's notice.The airfield management specialists are the Airmen that take on those airfield responsibilities."We're responsible for

Dec. 1, 2011

My Achin' Back!

Airmen can harm their backs by stretching the wrong way after a workout or by improperly lifting an object. Taking care of their back problems is something they often forget to do.Airmen experiencing back problems should schedule an evaluation appointment with Dr. Philip Hardinger, 2nd Medical Group chiropractor."Lower back and spine problems have

Dec. 1, 2011

Burning holes in the sky

His journey began more than 25 years ago. At the age of 17, the dark-featured, athletically built teenager signed his first contract with the U.S. Navy. He entered active-duty fresh out of high school on June 3, 1987.Retired Major Christopher L. Lucas from New Iberia, La., spent the next 24 years of his life 100 percent committed to the military,

Dec. 1, 2011

Barksdale Seabees get 'buzzy'

Every day, several Team Barksdale members drive by a huge metallic bee wielding a machine gun and various tools on their way to and from work. However, seldom know the mission and capabilities of the unit the bee represents. The armed insect belongs to the 28th Naval Mobile Construction Battalion, also known as the Seabees. The mission of the 28

Dec. 1, 2011

In-service reserve recruiters offer Airmen career options

Airmen who have served our country with pride but are looking to separate from active-duty service have many options available to them. The new in-service reserve recruiter for the 307th Bomb Wing, Master Sgt. Joseph McCormick, is prepared to help guide Airmen who are unsure of which career path they will take. Should they stay active, transfer to

Nov. 22, 2011

GSC score-posters: trained to be tricky

Precision, sharpness, straight faces and a little taste of comedy was on display during the 2011 Global Strike Challenge score-posting events Nov. 8 and 9 at Hoban Hall.Teams gathered from numerous command wings to participate in the two-day event here. Several of the teams were dressed for the occasion, including a group clothed in wild West

Nov. 17, 2011

Sober rides save lives

The room is filled with Airmen waiting for a phone call. The pool table is to the right. The air hockey table is in the back to the left. The loungers are toward the center of the room for those who want to relax. No matter what their hobbies are, there is always something to do in the meeting room for the Airmen Against Drunk Driving program.The

Nov. 17, 2011


There's an old joke among military golfers about what each of the four military services would do if they arrived to work one morning and the door was barricaded.The Marines would post a guard immediately, order him to stand at attention and secure the perimeter. The Army would march in formation around the building. The Navy would head for the

Nov. 14, 2011

Special care for youngest Team Barksdale members

The antiseptic smell inside hospitals and clinics is enough to put many Airmen on edge about visits to the doctor. Imagine the uncertainty a small child might feel, not knowing if a trip to the clinic will result in a smiley-face sticker or a shot!Fortunately for the youngest members of Team Barksdale, the clinic on base is home to one of the best

Nov. 10, 2011

Fantastic First Friday Festivities

Every first Friday of the month, Airmen and their families gather at Hanger II here to enjoy food, music and esprit de corps.The Airmen of the 2nd Force Support Squadron introduced the First Friday events to Team Barksdale at the beginning of 2011."We host large scale events, such as the Crawfish, Blues and Barbecue festivals quarterly, that are