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May 23, 2012

Protecting the base one sip at a time

From ensuring safe drinking water at the fitness center to donning a gas mask down range, Bioenvironmental Airmen have Airmen covered.The 2nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron Bioenvironmental Flight mission consists of three parts; occupational health, mission readiness and environmental protection.As a part of occupational health, Bioenvironmental

May 18, 2012

B-52H radar navigator: on-time, on-target

It takes a whole crew to complete a B-52H Stratofortress mission with precision. One of these crew members, the radar navigator, contributes to the mission by identifying targets and making sure the weapons hit their target."First and foremost, it's my job to get bombs on-target, on-time," said Capt. Nate Barnhart, 20th Bomb Squadron radar

May 11, 2012

Between the cracks

From tip to tail, the B-52H Stratofortress is comprised of countless parts, each vitally important to enabling the massive bomber to carry out its mission. Each piece of this 185,000 pound puzzle must be routinely inspected to ensure the highest level of mission effectiveness and safety. This is where the Airmen from the 2nd Maintenance Squadron

May 11, 2012

Blood, sweat and PT score

Blood trickles from his lip. Sweat runs down his forehead barely disrupting his vision. His heart rate is steady even though he just finished three vigorous five-minute rounds of Mixed Martial Arts.A different form of physical fitness is taking the military by storm. It combines strength, flexibility and resilience."I've been training Muay Thai and

May 3, 2012

MUNS keeps bombs mission-ready

Paint by numbers. It sounds simple with water colors, a pad of paper and a paint brush. The idea gets a bit more complicated when the same concept is applied to building bombs.Airman 1st Class Shane Shriner, 2nd Munitions Squadron storage and handling, gave the painting analogy to describe his flight's job when building bombs. He explained the

May 3, 2012

Phase in, phase out

In battlefields around the world there have been many weapons at the U.S. military's disposal, the deadliest of which is the B-52H Stratofortress. With eight turbojet engines and a swept-wing configuration, the B-52H can deliver an extremely accurate and deadly bombardment. The 2nd Maintenance Squadron ensures these aircraft are ready to complete

May 3, 2012

Barksdale Airman takes volunteering to next level

Last December, a Barksdale Airman volunteered to foster a litter of puppies to help out one of her friends. She thought it would only be for a couple of months. Six months later, she is the co-owner of a non-profit puppy adoption organization.Staff Sgt. Kichelle Rowe, 2nd Medical Group physical therapy technician, and her best friend Amanda Eppler,

April 26, 2012

Year of the B-52: Recollection of the first flight

The B-52 Stratofortress has been operational for 60 years and is projected to stick around much longer. There are only a few people alive today who witnessed the very first B-52 flight, which took place at Larson Air Force Base, Wash., in 1952. Retired Col. Steve dePyssler, retiree activities office director here, was present during the first

April 26, 2012

Wingmanship builds resiliency

An Airman recently returns from a deployment and is celebrating with his friends. Everything seemed normal at first, but he's been on edge lately. He's been showing up late to work and drinking more on weekends, and he's begun to seclude himself from everyone. His friends begin to worry about him and want to get him help. They ask their first

April 23, 2012

Air Show: Behind the Scenes

Every year, Team Barksdale and members of the local communities visit the base to watch the Barksdale Air Force Base Defenders of Liberty Air Show.Many Airmen sacrifice their own time to make the show possible and help out their own organizations."I volunteered last year at a beverage stand and I was also a cashier," said Airman 1st Class Essence