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Barksdale's finance cutover to AFFSC in early 2011

By 2nd Comptroller Squadron Financial Management .

The Air Force Financial Management community is focused on continuously improving service to Airmen to ensure your pay is processed accurately and on-time.

As you have probably heard by now, the FM community is consolidating back-shop operations currently handled by base finance office locations worldwide into the Air Force Financial Services Center at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D. This means that, among other responsibilities, the AFFSC will handle all active-duty military pay documents, non-defense-travel-system travel vouchers, all Air Force Reserve Command travel vouchers and military permanent-change-of-station vouchers.

These processes that are currently performed at bases will migrate to the AFFSC by major command. The Financial Services Transformation cut-over team and AFFSC personnel will support each base as it prepares for this migration. Barksdale will cutover on Jan. 27, 2011.

With this migration, Airmen have a responsibility to ensure that their information is accurate and complete. To date, the AFFSC rejects 10 to 15 percent of documents because of incorrect or missing information and these errors can significantly delay processing. By following a few simple rules, you help support a smooth transition and prevent any delays to your payment:
  • Use automated systems such as DTS, myPay, and LeaveWeb whenever possible for transactions
  • Claim all of your reimbursable expenses and annotate proper modes of transportation
  • Have a complete set of orders when you file
  • Have the proper signatures on your travel voucher
  • Indicate the amount you would like disbursed to your Government Travel Card
  • For GTC issues, visit your Unit Agency Program Coordinator, rather than the local finance office
  • Type forms so documents can be easily read; handwriting doesn't have to be deciphered
  • Conduct a quality check before you take the documents to your finance office
Finance is changing the way it conducts business in order to enhance the financial service options available to Airmen and their families. While the finance office here will continue to serve your financial service needs, Airmen are encouraged to make the virtual finance page on Air Force Portal their first stop for financial services. Through an ever-increasing suite of online services on virtual finance, Airmen can resolve issues quickly and efficiently whether it involves initiating processes through a variety of helpful applications, calculating entitlements, or finding answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have specific questions on your claim or want to check on the status of a document, please visit your finance office. Personnel at your finance office have the resources to determine the status of your document and can help expedite processing should a delay exist. In the future, customers will be able to call the contact center at the AFFSC, rather than visiting the finance office. More information will be distributed to Airmen as further progress is made toward making this capability operational.

The FM community appreciates your support and patience as each base migrates its workload to the centralized processing center at the AFFSC. Stay up to date on changes and get more information by visiting virtual finance on the Air Force Portal homepage. From there, just select the "life and career" tab, and then click on "money - welcome to virtual finance."