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COMMENTARY: Longer waits, safer gates

By 2nd Lt Jeremy Huggins 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs


Every service member has a duty to defend the constitution of the United States. In order to do this, we support a variety of missions throughout the four branches of service. However, these missions are put in jeopardy if our security is compromised.

A renewed focus on security across the Air Force caused leadership to review base security procedures and, in places, change security measures. While these new measures may be inconvenient, they ensure we can keep Barksdale safe and complete its mission. We understand that there have been major changes to the flow of traffic onto base and our Security Forces Defenders are making every effort to keep traffic moving smoothly. Because the new security posture will be in place for the foreseeable future, it is important we all take steps to adjust.

Plan to leave for work earlier, have your identification ready and be respectful to the gate guards. They don’t make policy decisions, so please follow their directions and the new traffic flow procedures. If you have recommendations on how we can improve this process, send them up through your chain of command or send an email via the contact tab on this page.

Since we are returning to 100 percent identification checks, your guests will need to have a Department of Defense card or a base pass to enter the installation. Picking these up ahead of time, and having them ready when you reach the gate, will speed up the process of entering Barksdale. Please remove your sunglasses or helmets as well, this will expedite identification card verification, and share this information with your dependents and guests.

“This is a change in the way we've done business in the past few years, but is necessary for the protection of our installation and resources,” said Col. Ty Neuman, 2nd Bomb Wing commander. “Change is often challenging, but I appreciate your help as we adapt to this new reality.”

We must also remember to practice situational awareness. Knowing our surroundings and identifying potential threats is a key factor in ensuring our ability to complete the mission. Look for things that seem out of place. If you see something suspicious, don’t keep it to yourself. Contact the Crime Stoppers hotline at 456-3000.