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COMMENTARY: Relationships are like building a house

By 1st Lt. Meade Adams 2nd Bomb Wing Chapel


“Relationships are like building a house; build it well or it will collapse” Unknown

My wife and I were talking several days ago about really being more intentional in fostering and nurturing the friendships and relationships that we have accumulated over the years and that we deem valuable. In an age of social media, it seems easier than ever to stay connected, but in fact we are more disconnected than ever. The fallacy of social media is that we believe we are fostering and nurturing relationships when we really aren’t. How much more valuable is a call than a comment? Or how much more meaningful is face-to-face conversation than a like? Certain things cannot be substituted or replaced.

The challenge for us today is to make the investment. Do we want quality and fulfilling friendships and relationships? Then we must put the time and effort into them. Whether that is your relationship with your spouse, kids, or friends, let us endeavor in 2018 to really pour ourselves into those relationships. Call your friend instead of commenting on their page. Get as much face time as you can get. Be intentional about being a friend and see what fruit that produces in you and in them.