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Women's History Month

By Chaplain (Capt.) Meade Adams 2nd Bomb Wing Chapel

In the month of March the nation celebrates Women’s History Month. So much can be said about so many great women that have contributed to the fabric of American ingenuity and society. When we think of Women’s history we might think of names such as Josephine Baker, Susan B. Anthony, Madeleine Albright, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks. However women’s history month is not just to celebrate the past. It’s also there to celebrate the present. Women’s history is being made every day with our sisters, our mothers, our wives and our daughters. Women’s history is you.

I want to take time today to celebrate the stay-at-home moms, the women balancing families and careers, the single mothers and the women working and fighting to provide for their families. Their names may not be flashed on screens or on billboards. Their stories may not be told over the course of this month. But we will not forget them. We will not forget their stories or their sacrifices. We will celebrate their tenacity, their drive and their perseverance. It is a fact that this world would not go around without the courage and tenacity of these women whose names will never be famously known except by their families and loved ones. To them they are superheroes—and they should be for us too. Take time this month to learn something new about a woman in history, but also take time to celebrate the amazing women in your life.