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Q1. Get speed cameras.
A1. Unfortunately, we will be unable to post permanent speed cameras around the installation. However, we will be rotating our mobile systems with greater frequency in the future.

Q2. Change policy to allow DoD civilians to contribute to AFAF via payroll deduction. If a retiree can contribute using payroll deduction, why not a civil service worker? The money may be colored slightly different, but the source is the same!
A2. Command leadership was unaware that such a limitation existed. Although this is not something we can fix at the local level, we will forward your suggestions to Air Force Assistance Fund and leadership will mention it at the next available opportunity.

Q3. Can the stretch of road in front of "Fam Camp" and Cullen Park be repair? Can you maybe review how to properly go about requesting road repair?
A3. Repair Range Road is a project that already has a low bid and is on the End of Year Unfunded Requirements List.  The project will mill & overlay and add a 2 ft shoulder to the road from Natural Resources to Red Chute bridge.  We could skinny this scope down to just the area asked about, but this entire stretch needs to be replaced.

Q4. Can lawn maintenance spray/deconstruct the giant ant mounds that are all over East Side?
A4. It is definitely something we can look into, but reporting depends on the location of the mounds. If you find an issue with any pests inside of a housing area, Hunt’s maintenance hotline (318-747-2723) is prepared to answer those calls. If it is in a location outside housing, please contact CE requirements at 456-3071 and let us know where to look.

Q5. Do we call the game warden to remove/re-home gators? There was an incident posted on the Barksdale AFB Spouses page where a lady saw two gators (pictures were posted) on the walking trail. I worry for safe in regards to this.
A5. We did not hear about this specific situation, but for these types of issues, you can contact the Security Forces game wardens (456-1762) or the Natural Resources Office (456-3353).

Q6. Can a dumpster be placed at the East Side dog park instead of a trash can? The trash is constantly spilling over.
A6. There is in fact a dumpster at the East Side dog park, residents that are utilizing the dog park should be depositing trash there.  

Q7. Can we get more healthy food options on base? (These are a couple of examples Pita pit, Zoe's Kitchen, and Panera).
A7. This is something we are very aware of and consistently looking at options regarding. In fact, a new option was just established at the Bx Food Court!

Q8. Will there ever been amenities added on the east side? (ex. gym, a larger Capehart Express that offers more food options, and a social facility like a Hangar 2)
A8. The Express belongs to AAFES, but we will ask their representatives. As for your other ideas, they sound interesting and will be routed to the Mission Support Group for review.

Q9. Can we get an electronic marquee sign on East side? I live and work over here and hardly ever make it to main base to receive notification of all of the events advertised on the marquee on Main base. Just a general sharing of information to make all "sides" of base feel included.
A9. The base commander is looking at putting a marquee over on the East Side.

Q10. I would really like to see more leadership involvement in Airmen’s lives. We say that we are a home away home, a separate family but no one acts like it. A lot of Airmen get bullied on a day to day basis and it is not okay. As leaders we are here to guide and shape the future of the Air Force not destroy it from within.
A10. Thank you for your inquiry. Bullying should never be tolerated in any work space, we are sorry you’ve witnessed that at your job. There are resources for Airmen to report toxic leadership, such as speaking to your First Sergeant, a Chaplain or even reporting the situation to Equal Opportunity. If the situation does not get better, please report it, and run it up the chain to the Wing Commander.