Barksdale BCAT Agencies


Constructed on 22,000 acres of cotton fields in the 1930s, Barksdale Air Force Base has grown into one of the U.S. Air Force’s premier installations.
As the host unit, the 2nd Bomb Wing (2 BW) delivers devastating combat capability through deployable aircraft and personnel capable of executing both nuclear and conventional combat missions, while maintaining an elite force of expeditionary Air-men in support of combatant commanders around the world. The 2 BW oversees all aircraft maintenance and provides standardized weapons loading and academics training in support of the wing’s annual 1,100 sorties and 6,000 flying hours. As Barksdale celebrates its 85th year, it remains a vital component to United States national-security objectives and home of the world’s most versatile bomber fleet.
Barksdale serves as the headquarters for Air Force Global Strike Command, the 8th Air Force and the 307th Bomb Wing. Throughout its history, Barksdale has played a key role in supporting a variety of aircraft and defending the United States. It continues to serve in this role today by providing both conventional and nuclear capabilities to the world’s greatest Air Force.


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