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  • Voting POCs

    UNIT RANK / NAME PHONE # Barksdale AFB Lt Col Ray Turek 3130 2 BW 1 Lt Darren Shearer 5729 2 MSG 1 Lt Stephanie Strickland 2225 2 MDG MSgt Cornelius Scott 6715 2 MXG 1 Lt Jeffrey Provenzano 5429 2 OG Lt Col Mark Allen 2476 Special Staff TSgt Bill Villarreal 3130 HQ 8 AF MSgt Anthony Rutherford 1233 917 WG Maj Lee Mallard 9851 49 TES MSgt Chad
  • Voting Office - Political Tips for the Armed Forces

    Do's & Don'ts for Members of the Armed Forces Political Activity While on Active Duty During an election year, many active duty military members may wish to get involved in campaigning for their favorite candidate. What are the limits to their participation? Department of Defense Directive 1344.10, which covers Political Activities by Members of
  • Voting Assistance Contact Information

    Voting Action Telephone Line (318) 456-1988 or DSN 781-1988 Lt Col Ray Turek, 2 BW/CCT, 456-3130 Installation Voting Officer 841 Fairchild Avenue, Suite 310 Barksdale AFB, LA 71110-2270 E-mail: Lt Col Turek 1st Lt Darren P. Shearer, 2 LRS/LGRRP, 456-5729 Voting Action Officer 686 Davis Ave E Barksdale AFB, LA 71110 E-mail: 1 Lt Shearer Mr. Steve B