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Airman and Family Readiness Center

May 28, 2015 PRINT | E-MAIL
The Airman & Family Readiness Center provides military personnel (Active Duty, Reservists, guardsmen & DoD civilians) and their family members support and services, contributing to mission readiness, resiliency and the well being of the community through information, referrals and education.

A&FRC Services and Activities:
· Air Force Aid Society
· Air Force Families Forever
· Casualty Assistance
· Discovery Resource Center
· Employment Assistance
· Exceptional Family Member-Family Support
· Financial Readiness
· Personal & Family Readiness
· Personal & Work Life
· Relocation Assistance
· School Liaison Officer
· Survivor Benefits Plan
· Transition Assistance
· Volunteerism

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS)
Military members and their families faced with financial emergencies may receive assistance from the Air Force Aid Society. AFAS provides interest-free loans for emergency needs such as basic living expenses, car repair, emergency travel and other personal emergencies. Any active duty military installation can provide assistance if you are not near an Air Force base. Call the Red Cross at 1-877-272-7337 for financial assistance after duty hours or if you are not near a military installation.

Active duty personnel, family members, retirees, as well as guard and reserve on active duty orders for more than 15 days are served by the society.

Learn more about AFAS and/or begin your request for assistance by completing the AFAS application on-line.

AFAS also provides educational and family assistance through such services as:
· Car Care Because We Care
· Child Care for PCS
· General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program
· Give Parents a Break
· Respite Care Program

Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2)
Provides first-class non-medical care and support to wounded, seriously ill and injured Airmen and their families. Provide a refined and simplified transition back to duty or to civilian life. Ensures recovering Airmen and their families are well-equipped to manage the potential lifetime challenges incurred as a result of military service.

Casualty Assistance
Our mission is to provide prompt reporting, notification and assistance to surviving families in the following categories: Active Duty, reserve (in Active Duty status), Guard (in active duty status), Civil Service and Retirees. A casualty is not necessarily a death. A casualty is one of these statuses: deceased, missing, duty status - whereabouts unknown, very seriously ill or injured, seriously ill or injured, not seriously ill or injured.
318-456-2212 or 318-456-7450

Discovery Resource Center (DRC)
The DRC, located in the Barksdale A&FRC, can provide general information and offers self-study resources on a variety of topics. The DRC is equipped with 12 QoLnet computers and a laser printer. Personnel can access websites, review job announcements and check out self-study material.

A sampling of services:
· Internet access for relocation, employment, e-mail, etc.
· Books
· Fax services
· Pamphlets
· Professional Magazines
· Scholarship Resources
· Typing Tutorial/Test

· Microsoft Word
· PowerPoint
· Excel
· Access
· Outlook

Employment Assistance
Supports military, civilians and family members in achieving short and long-term employment through education and local labor market information. Services also include resources for self-employment.

· Career Assessment
· Federal Employment
· Resume Workshop
· Small Business Workshop

Individual Services
· Local Job Announcements
· Resume Review
· Interview Preparation

Exceptional Family Member Program-Family Support (EFMP-FS)
Assists families and provides local, state and federal information, guidance and services to support military and their family members with special needs. EFMP-FS Coordinator identifies gaps in service, advocates for improved services on and off the installation; and partners with providers to meet the needs of these families.

EFMP Group Meetings - Share common experiences unique to special needs families and learn about new information and resources the second Tuesday of each month from 11 a.m. until 12 p.m. at the A&FRC.

NOTE: Enrollment in the EFMP is mandatory for active duty Airmen and requires the identification of all family members requiring long term general medical, special education, Early Intervention (EI) and or related services or modified housing.

Financial Readiness
Provides education, information and consultation to equip military members and their families to address their current financial situations, maximize their financial resources and effectively handle any financial challenge that may arise throughout their military life-cycle from day-to-day living needs as well as retirement. After evaluating your overall financial situation, the A&FRC staff assists in exploring ways to increase your income, decrease living expenses or decrease debt, plus save for the future. Several classes as well as specialized one-on-one appointments are available to address your needs. Whether you need assistance with managing your money or want to learn how to invest, we are here to assist!

Individual Information & Referral
· Budgeting
· Car Buying
· Consumer Information
· Credit/Credit Issues
· CSB/Redux
· Debt Management Counseling & Referral
· Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

· Basic Investing
· Bustin' Out of the Barracks
· Finance 101
· Financial Planning & Investment
· Home Buying
· Selling Your Home for Top Dollar
· Supervisor Finance Training

Key Spouse Program is a partnership between the Key Spouse, unit leadership and the A&FRC. Unit leadership empowers a volunteer to assist with quality of life programs and services directed at family members. Key Spouses are formally appointed by the unit commander, but interested spouses should let their commander know they would like to be a Key Spouse. We conduct Key Spouse Training and Meetings quarterly.

Personal and Family Readiness
Provides assistance to single and married DoD personnel and their families across the four phases of the deployment cycle (pre-deployment, deployment/sustainment, reintegration/re-deployment and post-deployment), contingencies and emergencies. A&FRC staff works through units, spouse support groups, and with individuals to meet the needs and allow Airmen to keep their minds on the mission. Provides pamphlets, books and videos that discuss how to prepare for deployment, cope with separation, and come back together as a family.

· Readiness: Mandated for military members with a firm deployment/TDY 179-day tasking and are within 60 days of departure. Bring your spouse! Briefing is conducted every Tuesday at 0800.
· Reunion & Reintegration: Mandated for returning deployed members (spouses encouraged to attend) within 72 hours of return. These are on a walk-in basis.

Services for Families of the Deployed
· Car Care Because We Care - provides a free oil change, oil filter, and lubrication on primary vehicle
· Families First Events
· E-mail listing will keep you in the know!
· Give Parents a Break - provides free childcare once a month
· Hearts Apart Morale Calls - entitles you to two 15-minute calls per week

Personal and Work Life Education
Services enrich and improve the quality of individual and family life by providing the knowledge and skills needed for effective living. It also eases the adaptation to the military lifestyle to better meet the needs of our expeditionary Airmen and families. Services facilitate the empowerment of Airmen and families to increase the effectiveness of their skills in daily living, in relating to others, in coping with life events and in realizing personal potential.

· Heartlink - AF 101 for Spouses - This spouse orientation program is a great opportunity to increase knowledge of the AF mission, customs, traditions, protocols and available programs/services in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Make new friends while learning more about Air Force life. This class is held four times a year and childcare is available.
· Babysitter Training - This is a 3-day certification course for youth (ages 12-17) of active duty members. This educational program will enable youth to learn skill-building techniques to last a lifetime. Youth will learn babysitting techniques & skills, infant/child CPR, first aid, safety & safe play and basic care.
· Bundles for Babies - Provides expectant parents with a wealth of information to enable them to be responsible parents. The program addresses financial implications, child safety, and nurturing the child, as well as family resources available to them. Attendance incentives include a bundle of baby items.
· Relationship Enrichment Classes offered monthly and quarterly

Relocation Services
New to the Barksdale area or getting ready to PCS? A&FRC Relocation Assistance is available to assist you. Stop by and check out a variety of information on your new community.

Sponsorship Training is available on-line and will make newly assigned sponsors more effective at welcoming new people.

Workshops & Resources
· Right Start - Newcomers Orientation
· Personalized Relocation Assistance
· Childcare for PCS - 20 hours of free childcare regardless if you are coming or going

Helpful Relocation Links:
· Useful local contact numbers
· Military OneSource has a wealth of information on relocation, personal finance, family matters, and much more
· Explore Military Installations to learn about your next assignment and access base guides
· Plan My Move is an online moving tool to simplify your PCS
· Barksdale Base Housing
· Automated Housing Referral Network is sponsored by DoD
· Personal Property/Transportation Management Resources for your PCS
· Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)
· DoD Housing Assistance Program
· Military Youth on the Move
· Change of Address
· Public School search and statistics
· TRICARE Service Area Enrollment

Local Relocation Links:
· Bossier City
· Haughton
· Shreveport
· Shreveport/Bossier Relocation Guide
· Shreveport Times newspaper
· Crime Statistics
· Bossier Parish School Board
· Department of Motor Vehicles

School Liaison Office (SLO)
Serves as a conduit of school information and is the primary point of contact for public and private school matters plus other education options including home schooling, charter schools and cyber schools.

Survivor Benefit Program provides peace of mind knowing the election cannot be cancelled because of declining health or advanced age. It provides a tax savings to the member (SBP premiums are not taxed). It provides coverage with the government sharing in the cost of the Plan (subsidized). It provides your beneficiary a guaranteed steady source of income after the member's death with regular adjustments for inflation, and can NEVER run out. The retiree's pay stops on the date of their death, and SBP is the only means to provide a portion of the retiree's income to the surviving spouse/children.
318-456-2212 or 318-456-7450

Transition Assistance Program
Equips separating/retiring military members with the knowledge, skills and abilities to empower them to make informed career decisions and be competitive in a global work force, plus DoD civilian employees (and family members) impacted by restructuring and reductions. Transition Assistance Services provide the tools needed to conduct a successful self-directed job search. The program consists of briefings, variety of workshops, individual assistance and numerous resources.

Turbo TAP - Your Connection to Money, Benefits, Jobs

· Pre-separation/Retirement Brief (DoD Mandated Brief - accomplished at least 90 days prior to separation/retirement)

· Capstone
· Career Assessment
· Boots to Business
· Federal Employment
· 5-Day Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Seminar
· Resume Workshop
· Troops to Teachers
· Marketing Yourself for a Second Career

Individual Services
· Dressing for Success
· Interviews (Mock)
· Negotiating Techniques
· Resume Critique

Volunteer Resource
A base wide program offering volunteer opportunities around the base and in the local community in a variety of professional settings. Volunteer services benefit the base and the individual.

Why Volunteer?
· To help others
· To get to know your community
· To make friends
· To increase your self-esteem and gain confidence
· To keep busy
· To gain work experience
· To refresh skills before reentering the job market
· To have time away from the kids and they away from you
· Recognition

We can assist you in finding a volunteer opportunity that fits your personal needs.

Other Helpful Resources

Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC)
Provide short-term, situational, solution-based counseling to Service Members and their families. They are available to address coping skills, relocation adjustment, deployment/reintegration issues, relationship issues, stress and grief. With the exception of child abuse, domestic abuse and duty to warn situations services are private and no records are kept. For an appointment call (318) 541-1480.

Military One Source
1-800-342-9647 (Available 24/7) www.militaryonesource.mil
Military One Source can provide you with information and resources that can help improve many areas of your life, from personal to professional. They do more than give you information...they help you take action with materials that get you thinking and tools that help you set things in motion.
Military One Source can also arrange for active duty and family members to receive 12 face-to-face counseling sessions free of charge, if counseling is needed.