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Aug. 30, 2006 PRINT | E-MAIL
This program provides all Air Force families assistance and support before, during and after times of deployment/separation and local or national emergencies/disasters. Preparedness is promoted through education, publications and participation in readiness support.

Hearts Apart Programs & Services

Morale Calls: This Morale Call program allows authorized individuals to place Video Phone Calls to an active duty in an extended TDY/Deployed/Remote status. This enables families to remain in touch during those difficult periods of separation.

Video Teleconferencing: A Morale Call program which allows authorized individuals to place Video Phone Calls to an active duty in a TDY/Deployed/Remote status.

Video & Digital Camera Loans

Phone Cards

Stationary Kits

AEF & The Family Briefings

Annual Readiness Training

Pre-Deployment Briefings & Assistance: Family Readiness Briefing/Training is offered for active duty personnel and their families affected by deployment/TDY/Remote assignment status. Areas of emphasis are pre-deployment, separation, and reunion.
Reunion/Reception Support: The Airman and Family Readiness Center actively supports unit initiatives to provide assistance to military personnel and their family members during the reunion phase of deployment. The AFRC staff will meet all returning flights on and off- base, when BAFB is designated as the lead wing during an AEF or during real world operations/contingencies. During other deployments, AFRC staff will assist other unit reunion/reception initiatives. Reunion briefings are also offered.

Deployed Families' Dinners/Events: Special dinners/events offer opportunities for family members to stay connected, informed and interact with other waiting families. Check our monthly calendar for dates and times.