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Transition Assistance Program

Aug. 30, 2006 PRINT | E-MAIL
The Transition Assistance Program equips separating/retiring military members with the skills and knowledge for the next chapter of their career...reentry into the civilian workforce. Transition Assistance Services provide the tools needed to conduct a successful self-directed job search. The program consists of a mandatory briefing, variety of workshops, individual assistance and numerous resources. 

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Resume Workshop
Starting a Small Business
Transition Assistance Program Seminar
Troops to Teachers

Pre-separation Briefing - mandatory requirement
Veteran's Benefits Briefing

Individual Services
Career Assistance
Dress for Success
Development of Individual Transition Plans
Federal Job Application Guidance and Critique
Mock Interviews
Personality Type Indicator
Resume Critique

Discovery Center Resources
Computer Access & Programs
Job Listings
Video tapes/DVDs