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AFRC -- Classes and Workshops

March 14, 2007 PRINT | E-MAIL
AFRC Classes and Workshops

Call 456-8400 for more information or registration.

AEF and the Family Briefings - These unique briefings answer a variety of questions associated with Air Expeditionary Force (AEF), deployment and separation. Topics covered include: the AEF concept; Managed Care; crime prevention; legal issues; safety concerns; military pay; personal financial management; volunteer opportunities; 2d Services Programs; Family Life; the Key Spouses Program; personal and family readiness; etc.
Airman Professional Education Brief - This program is coordinated by Team 56. The briefing is designed for A1C's and SrA who have been out of FTAC for at least 18 months and who have not yet attended Airmen Leadership School (ALS).

Annual Readiness Training - This educational briefing focuses on all three aspects of deployment: before, during and after. Military members are required to attend this training annually. Family members are also highly encouraged to attend. Walk-in service is available for short-notice deployments and TDYs.

Babysitter's Training Course - The Babysitter's Training Course, facilitated by the American Red Cross, is a certification course for youth (ages 11-15) of active duty members. This educational program will enable youth to learn skill-building techniques to last a lifetime. Youth will learn Babysitting Techniques & Skills, Infant/Child CPR, First Aid, safety & safe play, basic care, leadership and professionalism.
Brown Bag - Lunch & Learn Series - This series is designed to offer opportunities for enhancing work and personal like by learning new skills without time away from work responsibilities. Participants should bring their lunch and join us at the Airman & Family Readiness Center. Topics will vary and resources will be provided for additional information on each topic.

Bundles For Babies - New parents and parents-to-be will learn great tips for preparing for their baby, infant care, car seats, and more. Parents also receive a free valuable bundle of baby items along with the books Your Baby's First Year and Zimmy's Guide to All Kids Need.

Buying a Home - Whether you are thinking about buying your first home or your dream home, this workshop will provide you with information about questions to ask your mortgage banker or realtor, securing financing and much more. This is an excellent resource to improve your home buying experience by being better informed.

Career Assessment/ITP - This workshop uses the MBTI and interest,values and skills inventories to provide a basic foundation of self assessment as it relates to career choices. Participants will develop a better understanding of themselves in order to make career decisions. Tools will be provided to research career options.

Family Readiness Briefings - Designed to focus on the three major aspects of deployment: pre-deployment, separation and reunion. These helpful briefings provide valuable information for family members on managing deployment.

Finance 101 - Finance 101 is perfect for those with financial questions/concerns or who need guidance on how to properly and effectively handle their finances. If your are interested in finding out more about checkbook management, basic budgeting, credit report information and more, this three-hour program is the answer.

FTAC Finance Briefing - This is a mandatory briefing for all newly assigned first-term airmen. Included is a comprehensive briefing covering financial responsibilities and sound money management practices. Topics include managing money, spending habits, saving, debt management, insurance, car buying, investing, budgeting and more.

Key Spouse Program - The Key Spouse Program is a unit-level peer program designed to enhance existing family readiness by reaching out to the spouses of deployed personnel through an informal support system. Key Spouses are selected by their respective squadron commander and first sergeant to act as a liaison between the squadron and the waiting family member.

Money and Relationships - This three week series of classes explores new possibilities for financial understanding and teamwork for couples. Learn how your money personality affects your relationship, how your beliefs about money influence your choices and how to plan together for financial success. All three sessions should be completed for maximum benefit.

Moving Off Base - This seminar is designed to assist those currently living in the dorms with the transition of moving off base and into the local community. Topics include preparing for apartment living, roommate selection, budgeting, saving, managing and reducing debt. During this workshop, individual budget assessments will be conducted and participants will receive hands-on interactive training on debt reduction techniques. Individuals must have a completed budget form in order to participate and will receive a personalized budget assessment.

NCOPE- This briefing for E-5 supervisors provides valuable tools and techniques for working with their subordinates on personal financial matters.

Personal Financial Planning (Investment Seminar) - This seminar teaches investment principles and provides information to assist in making the right choices when planning for the future. Professionals associated with the Louisiana State University School of Business, along with the Personal Financial Manager, facilitate the seminar.

Preseparation Briefing - In anticipation of retirement or separation, the law directs active duty members attend the preseparation briefing as soon as possible within the preceding 24 or 12 months respectively. This mandatory briefing informs active duty members and their spouses of the resources available as they transition to civilian life and will assist them in making information decisions about their future.
Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program - Individuals who are dating, married, or considering marriage will learn how to preserve/enhance fun and friendship, communicate effectively, work as team to solve problems and manage conflict without damaging closeness. This program is designed to provide new skills and is an outstanding opportunity to enhance your relationship.

Refresher Training - This mandatory briefing is designed primarily for E-5 and below and first duty station officers to review important money matters such as budgeting, credit, local trends, investing, debt management and more. The training provides a review of important money matters such as budgeting, credit, local trends, investing, debt management and more.

Relocation Briefings - This briefing is designed to give military members and spouses a brief overview of the programs, services and resources available for their use at the Airman and Family Readiness Center during their pending PCS move. Briefings for CONUS and OCONUS relocation are available.
Resume Workshop - If you are looking for a job, you will probably need a resume and a cover letter. Many of us feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to update or write a resume. We offer an outstanding Resume Workshop providing valuable information including: what employers look for in a resume; what information to include; optional information; inappropriate information; and cover letter use and content. Personal assistance with your resume is also available. Make the best possible first impression by using our AFRC resources in your job search.

Right Start - This Newcomers' Orientation is offered the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month and is mandatory for all active duty and DOD civilians. Spouses are invited and encouraged to attend and will receive a beautiful Welcome Basket loaded with a "taste of Louisiana". Right Start is a great opportunity to learn about programs and services at Barksdale, as well as information on the local community. Topics discussed include an overview of the base mission by the 2 BW Commander, local area safety issues, base recreational options and services, legal services, and much more. Refreshments, Louisiana trivia (with prizes) and the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends are all part of this fun-filled experience. Remember free child care is available by contacting the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 456-8400 for your Child Care For PCS Certificate.

Selling Your Home for Top Dollar - Are you thinking of selling your home yourself? Not sure where to begin? This informative class provides basic information and tips on selling your own home, as well as simple ways to increase its market value.

Smooth Move - This workshop is an excellent opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives from TMO, Legal, Military Pay and the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Valuable information is provided to assist in making your move as painless as possible, including a comprehensive checklist as you count down to moving day! Workshops are offered the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Sponsorship Training- Relocating can be one of the most stressful aspects of military life and good sponsors make a tremendous difference in how newcomers adjust. Training for sponsors is offered the second Thursday of each month and helps with guidance on how to make contact, provide pertinent information, respond to the newcomers' needs and leave a good first impression of the area, the installation and the local community. Online Sponsor Training is now available for those needing refresher training.

Spouse Orientation - Heart Link - Learn more about your role as the "Heart of the Team" while gaining a solid understanding of available resources and how to access them. Whether you are a new military spouse or just new to the area, this is an excellent way to begin your tour at Barksdale. Join us for a fun-filled morning of information, friendship and networking.

Starting a Small Business - More and more people are opening their own small businesses. This informative workshop is facilitated by a professional from the local Small Business Development Center. Topics include pitfalls and benefits of owning your own small business, research, business plans, and more. What really distinguishes this excellent class are the resources and assistance the Small Business Development Center has to offer entrepreneurs. This workshop is offered twice annually. If you are considering owning your own business, this class should be on your list of things to do.

Successful Military Reunions - This is a two part workshop focuses on providing military couples with skills to enhance the reunion phase of deployments, extended TDYs and remote tours. Each workshop is a stand alone workshop, but for those wishing to receive maximum benefit from Part 2: Reunions and Relationships, Part 1 is highly recommended.

Part 1: Enhancing Communication Skills is appropriate for anyone wishing to improve their communication skills both personally and professionally. Participants identify their individual communication styles; identify triggers that result in negative behaviors and learn how to better manage them; identify destructive communication; and learn to better manage their emotions.

Part 2: Reunions and Relationships focuses on handling changes in routines/responsibilities, identifying the challenges of the partners on the homefront, parenting tips and the importance of romance and intimacy in strengthening the relationship.

Survival Skills for Healthy Relationships - Families with children over the age of eight are encouraged to bring their children and attend this four week series of workshops designed to provide families with skills to not only survive, but thrive through enhanced communication and cooperation. Sessions focus on exploring (1) parents in healthy relationships, (2) children in healthy families, (3) adult teamwork in healthy families and (4) solving family problems. Children do not attend Session 3. All sessions are recommended for maximum benefit.

Time Management - Time Management offers tools to assist in the better management of time and workloads. This class offers a better understanding of time, knowledge of three basic time management strategies, the importance of proper planning, awareness of individual "time types" and common time wasters.

Transition Assistance Program Seminar - This 3-day workshop, conducted by the Department of Labor, is designed to help separating and retiring military personnel make sound career decisions as they transition from military service to civilian life. Participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to complete a successful self-directed job search in the private employment sector. Family members are encouraged to attend. Based on comments made by attendees, most have said they wish they had taken advantage of this workshop 24 to 12 months prior to leaving the service. Don't delay....sign up to receive the tools needed to help you and your family prepare for this new challenge.

Troops to Teachers - All active duty and DoD civilians interested in a second career in education are invited to attend this workshop facilitated by LA Troops for Teachers Director, the Education Office, and Louisiana Tech University. Participants will gain understanding of the program function, eligibility and application information.

Thrift Saving Plan (TSP) Briefing - This is a two- hour workshop providing information on the savings and investment plan being offered to active duty, ready reserve and guard members. Family members are welcome to attend. this useful workshop will help families as they explore their retirement options and sources of income.

Veteran's Benefits Briefing - This one-day workshop, facilitated by veteran representatives, is designed to assist military members in understanding their benefits after their military service. The Veteran Center will provide information on a continuum of quality care that adds value for veterans, families and the community. A Disabled American Veteran Representative will provide valuable information for filing for compensation. The Department of Veterans Affairs presentation will include information on service-connected compensation, non service-connected pension, education benefits, vocational rehabilitation and employment, medical/dental care through the VA, VA guaranty home loans, VGLI/DVI Insurance, veteran's benefits for surviving spouses and dependent children, and final burial benefits.

Virtual Assistant Training Program - Military spouses are often called upon to leave their employment or delay beginning a career due to frequent relocation requirements. With the spread of the Internet and the growth of outsourcing, military spouses with business support skills can now become Military Spouse Virtual Assistants (MSVA). As independent contractors working from their homes, they accept clients and provide their services via email, fax and telephone from any location. This training program prepares prospective MSVAs for beginning their own business. Classes are offered in April and October.