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AFRC -- Family Life Education Program

March 14, 2007 PRINT | E-MAIL
AFRC -- Family Life Education Program

Babysitter's Training Course - The Babysitter's Training Course, facilitated by the American Red Cross, is a certification course for youth (ages 11-15) of active duty members. This educational program will enable youth to learn skill-building techniques to last a lifetime. Youth will learn Babysitting Techniques & Skills, Infant/Child CPR, First Aid, safety & safe play, basic care, leadership and professionalism. 

Brown Bag - Lunch & Learn Series - This series is designed to offer opportunities for enhancing work and personal like by learning new skills without time away from work responsibilities. Participants should bring their lunch and join us at the Airman & Family Readiness Center. Topics will vary and resources will be provided for additional information on each topic.

Money and Relationships - This three week series of classes explores new possibilities for financial understanding and teamwork for couples. Learn how your money personality affects your relationship, how your beliefs about money influence your choices and how to plan together for financial success. All three sessions should be completed for maximum benefit.

Successful Military Reunions - This is a two part workshop focuses on providing military couples with skills to enhance the reunion phase of deployments, extended TDYs and remote tours. Each workshop is a stand alone workshop, but for those wishing to receive maximum benefit from Part 2: Reunions and Relationships, Part 1 is highly recommended.

Part 1: Enhancing Communication Skills is appropriate for anyone wishing to improve their communication skills both personally and professionally. Participants identify their individual communication styles; identify triggers that result in negative behaviors and learn how to better manage them; identify destructive communication; and learn to better manage their emotions.

Part 2: Reunions and Relationships focuses on handling changes in routines/responsibilities, identifying the challenges of the partners on the homefront, parenting tips and the importance of romance and intimacy in strengthening the relationship.

Spouse Orientation - Heart Link - Learn more about your role as the "Heart of the Team" while gaining a solid understanding of available resources and how to access them. Whether you are a new military spouse or just new to the area, this is an excellent way to begin your tour at Barksdale. Join us for a fun-filled morning of information, friendship and networking.

Survival Skills for Healthy Relationships - Families with children over the age of eight are encouraged to bring their children and attend this four week series of workshops designed to provide families with skills to not only survive, but thrive through enhanced communication and cooperation. Sessions focus on exploring (1) parents in healthy relationships, (2) children in healthy families, (3) adult teamwork in healthy families and (4) solving family problems. Children do not attend Session 3. All sessions are recommended for maximum benefit.

Time Management - Time Management offers tools to assist in the better management of time and workloads. This class offers a better understanding of time, knowledge of three basic time management strategies, the importance of proper planning, awareness of individual "time types" and common time wasters.