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Lodging Information

March 12, 2013 PRINT | E-MAIL
Barksdale has several types of temporary lodging available for members and their families.

Temporary lodging is available off base in commercial hotels, however, it's quite expensive. Rooms are in the range of $45 to $80 per night. If you are on orders you will only be allowed to lodge commercially if sufficient quarters are not available, and a statement of non-availability is issued by the Barksdale lodging front desk. Our helpful staff will then assist you in finding available quarters and provide directions to those facilities.

Pets are not allowed in any base lodging facilities. Kennel and boarding arrangements may be made with one of several facilities in the local area. The lodging office can provide you with a list for your convenience. Due to limited availability, please make your reservation well in advance.

The table on the left reflects the most current rates available, but prices are subject to change at any time. To verify your lodging costs and availability, please contact the lodging office using the numbers provided to the left.

Contact Lodging

Front Desk
Comm: (318) 456-3091
DSN: 781-3091

Comm: (318) 456-3091 ext: 5593
DSN: 781-3091

Comm: (318) 456-3091 ext: 5592/5594
DSN: 781-3091

Comm: (318) 456-3091 ext: 5597
DSN: 781-3091

Barksdale Lodging Rates

Temporary Lodging Facilities:
Room: $55.00 Nightly

Visiting Airman Quarters:
VAQ: $42.00 Nightly

Visiting Officer Quarters:
VOQ: $53.25 Nightly

Distinguished Visiting Airman Quarters: 
VAQs: $54.00 Nightly

Distinguished Visiting Officers Quarters:
VOQ/VQ: $66.75 Nightly  

Large Distinguished Visiting Officers Quarters:
VOQs: $83.50 Nightly