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Preserving resources through recycling Preserving resources through recycling
What is the fate of a plastic bottle? If thrown in the trash it may find its way to a landfill where it takes over 400 years to decompose. If not properly disposed of, it could find its way into oceans and streams where it can cause harm to animals and their habitats. However, if recycled, plastic and other recyclables can be repurposed as clothing, kitchenware, or a variety of different items. Barksdale’s recycling center is dedicated to making sure the base does its part in reducing waste and promoting the conservation of resources.
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Repurposing chemicals, reducing waste Repurposing chemicals, reducing waste
The terms reduce, reuse and repurpose are now being used for more than just paper, glass and plastic. The 2nd Civil Engineering Squadron Environmental Management System team developed an innovative way to give hazardous materials an extended life through a Reuse Program to reduce the base’s environmental impact.
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